YOUR definition of success...

As Ive now had over 10 years of friends, family, and those I work with coming to me about their goals... and now almost 2 months of completely immersing myself into these conversations, its evident...everyone's goals are different. 

Oh oh oh...and they change! Years later or maybe even 3 weeks into a program. Why is that?

I'll tell you why... maybe its that we THOUGHT we wanted to feel good in a swimsuit... but REALLY it was about holding our head high not only in the boardroom, in front of our kids, as wives and husbands, in roles weve created boundaries and armor and coping skills.... but what about in the flesh...where we're our most vulnerable, not hiding from anyone or anything!? Maybes its reallllly about feeling good in the when were stripped down to our actual foundation, with no other protective skills to keep people at arms distance, where we cant keep even ourselves from ourselves... we're actually proud of who we are.

WOOF...right? How do we dig this deep? And why even dig this deep? Well I'll answer the second question first...if you want to actually achieve your goals, this is necessary. If you want to set the right goals and not get frustrated on the wrong ones, this is crucial. If you want to know how to even go about it and with what urgency and with what support, digging deep is step #1. If you want to feel successful down to your bones, I urge you to sit back, reflect, and write it down.

Heres how it applies to me: 
Girls and guys, I once didnt think 17% body fat was lean enough. I thought running on my (once operated on 3 years in a row) knees was a good idea because well it kept me skinny. I once thought alcohol was the devil and the only calories Id waste would be for sugar. I also used to believe that you had to hate what you did to make good money. Torture= happiness? Maybe in my 20s.

Here we are over a decade later of not only helping others but most importantly, digging deep myself. You know I love a good challenge and experimenting and sharing my journey, but SO much has changed...because Ive learned from the above instances AND I dig deep...often.

I now am totally tool with being way above 20% body fat, because I can teach awesome classes like a boss and would rather feel STRONG than lean and starving. Ive realized that the right type of drink with the right type of people does me alllll sorts of good. And I now dumped my desk job, cut off the corporate handcuffs, am making 1/3 of what I did before.... but am infinitely more DELIBERATE, HAPPY, and ON FIRE than I was even one year ago. And trust this...I still have big goals, with fat loss, with ability, with my income, with becoming a leader...but I refuse to be miserable as I ride the magic journey carpet ride. 

Heres how you can apply it: 
Write out your goals. Reflect why these are important to you. Instead of making them a #, write down a feeling (I learned this from the fabulous Danielle Dellen). Envision 4 year old you, scared for the world in her future...does what your goals aim to accomplish empower this 4 year old? Imagine 20 years from now...would you be proud you put effort towards this goal and these feelings? If you reach this goal...what would it mean for you? If you DONT reach this goal...what would that mean in your life and how would it affect things? 

DIG DEEP friends....and youll not only reach your goals, but youll find out what SUCCESS means to YOU.