The Results Are In!

As I return from an incredible trip in Mexico, celebrating hard work in business (we earned the all inclusive trip thanks to helping others in their health/fitness goals), Dwight and I's two year wedding anniversary, and my 32nd birthday ... I clearly believe in taking time to reflect and enjoy the harvest ...and I think you should too!

Its no coincidence that right before this trip, we finished our latest 80 Day Obsession...and while it may be, in its simplest forms, a workout program and a meal plan... its so much more as it affects who I am and who I become in all aspects of my life. I was able to kick back and celebrate the above things because of  the working out, eating right, and getting my mind and spirit tight. SO...full circle,I wanted to share my "80 Day Obsession" results, thoughts, and takeaways! 

  •  The reality is I probably ate the way I "should have" 60/80 days. I worked out 75/80 workouts (as my last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with a new job)
  • BUT... I gained some serious strength in my gluteus, core, and body parts I normally struggle with.
  • I realized I don't need a sweet treat after every meal and fueling properly with the right proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs and fats make you feel like a goddess.
  • It was clear making time for me is of utmost importance. And that no matter what chaos you have going on in your life, doing something FOR you that works for you is key!
  • I'm certain that if you have 3 months before a wedding, trip, or just want to set a personal a coach, this will be my go to reference.

I'm SO excited to share my challengers results and continue to help our round two group! As for me?! I'll be enjoying many tricks and treats and rest... you know in moderation... before I jump into my next personal challenge! If youd like to join me in working hard and achieving such great results you'll be able to celebrate your own personal transformation victory, please message me to chat!