Holy shi*! I did it...

YA’LL.. this has been TEN YEARS in the making... on Friday,  I officially “hung up the (corporate) headset”, dumped my desk job, and declared 7-13-18 my INDEPENDENCE DAYHoly shi* ...I did it.

For years countless friends and family asked me if I’d ever do my “fitness and health thing” full time... with uncertainty ...and fear ...and considerate deliberation if that would make me happy, or be accepted by society, or support our little family we have and plan on growing ... I couldn’t say for certain what I wanted to be when I “grew up”.

Yes my major is in health and exercise science. Yes health and fitness has always been one of my highest priorities and yes my biggest joy is seeing others come alive when they finally believe in themselves. Yes... Teaching group fitness is when I feel most myself and Yes I think everyone should have an income that represents their hard work that also creates a life they’re proud of living. And yes I absolutely believe people should do the things they’ve always wanted to. So while I never knew when I’d take the jump, I found myself yearning and aching to put my skills I’ve accumulated over the years to the test. Im ready to train and lean on the team that’s helped impact 100’s of lives so far. I’m excited to create more and more positive relationships and friendships... and I’m excited to grow a team of productive positive people that want to help others and be financially rewarded tied to their personal growth.

I cannot be thankful enough for the experiences and the people and the lessons I’ve learned in sales, management, marketing, hard work, and hustle in the places I’ve built my career up this point. It’s helped cultivate the zest and desire I have to be as successful as I possibly can in what I love the most.

So alas, I can finally say I AM “Like the Lettuce” FULL TIME. I cannot wait to see where my team, my challengers/clients, and myself land now that I am free to be fully me moving forward.

The work officially begins NOW and I couldn’t be more terrified, grateful, excited or READY for this next chapter. Lettuce get after it together. Now... who wants to work together !?!