New Classes/New Location/New Studio!

After three years of sneaking away to take classes at the Carmel Cycle Bar for my own personal enjoyment, I wanted to share that I now have the privilege of teaching here!

I had conversations for several years with the owner on a potential partnership, but I just wasn't ready to leave my downtown family or exhaust my already crazy schedule with more. But nowwww..... I knew it was time to expand my capabilities, and my audience, and I knew I wanted it to be here. 

Heres what I love: the technology and science behind the bikes and what they can measure to help us improve, the way the instructors are trained to PUSH and EMPOWER and truly be their best so you can be your best, and the overall journey these rides take you on (oh and there are weighted bars we can use for our arms)!!!

I cannot thank them enough for taking a cycling teacher of ten years and helping her dig deep, get uncomfortable, and learn to be BETTER! Im super sore, and definitely tired, but energized in a whole new way as a teacher/trainer/coach and so ready to share that with ya'll!

SO youd like to come and check out my new classes, they will be 9:15am Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. OH and next week is FREE so its a perfect time to check it out!!! 

Go here to reserve your saddle and get ready for a new type of ride, with yours truly: