I stopped "eating whatever I wanted" and lost 11 lbs!

Officially down 11 pounds since the beginning of September!!!! And for a girl who has carried a decent amount of weight her whole life and also lost over 30 lbs ten years ago, this is a big win!

How does this happen you ask? It involved getting sick of my excuses, accepting where I was at and what had gotten me there (working out toooo much, immersing myself in the launch of my business full time and celebration of not having to go back to a desk job, but also eating and drinking like I was a human trash disposal) and creating a plan I knew I could stick to... with an accountability coach I would have to report to and just knowing where I DESERVED to be.

I have not been perfect. I basically pulled a chair up to the dessert table at thanksgiving. BUT 90% of the time I track what I eat, move in a way that serves me (changing it up and RESTING), get my superfoods and other supplements in daily , always have salads (they fill me up) and indulge only when it’s truly worth it. Sugar and processed carbs are chosen wisely, as are my proteins carbs and fats and we eat way more at home. But when on the go it’s alll put in myfitness pal!

 As you know, I’ve always shared my journey with you of highs and lows and wins and losses, struggles and triumphs and this is another feather in the cap of feeling most myself by taking care of myself. I’d love to help you do the same for you!! Message me to wrk together now OR reserve your spot to prep for 2019!!!

xoxo, Maria