Have you ever SUCKED at life!? And maybe no one wanted you!?

SO... this was just as vulnerable of a feeling listening back as it was recording it months ago...but when my dear friend Danielle Dellen reached out to me about her brilliantly named podcast "Dont Cut Your Own Bangs", I knew I couldnt say no. 

It was at the perfect time....when I first went FULL TIME with my biz,. I had no idea what was ahead, what decisions would be made, what situations my body and mind would encounter, but I knew I wanted to share my knowledge. And now that its been almost 6 months since that interview, and I just now got to listen.... much of my advice is absolutely the same- and I'll tell you what, it feels so good to hear this from my previous self!

In this podcast we GET REAL about the “Before & After” sharing the BEAUTY IN THE JOURNEY, the art of NOT GIVING UP, allowing yourself GRACE, working in SEASONS, tapping into your inner 5 year old and also “William Wallace” bad ass champ, and HOW BAD REJECTION SUCKS but how thankful I am for the opportunity to turn my challenges into change and the stories that helped me realize this.

 Allll of her episodes are worth listening to, but I’m pretty darn excited to share this one. Check out my interview and find out what crazy things have made me who I am, what really goes on in my head, and what tools you can use to turn your failures into freedom too!

Here is the link! http://dontcutyourownbangs.libsyn.com/maria-romaine

xoxo, Maria