Have Health Risks? Lettuce help...

Its kinda crazy how long Ive been coaching others and how Im still WOWed at their results, their before and afters, how their health improves, and just how much HAPPIER and MORE CONFIDENT they are.

While most of you, including myself, are motivated by the scale creeping to a number you never thought itd get to, or just continually increasing your jean size, I know a lot of us know the truth behind these warning signs…. decreased quality of life and some serious health risks.

Today’s story is one Im super proud of and is indicative of the type of progress that happens in a #TEAMLETTUCE challenge group.

Read Miranda’s story below:


21 Day Fix is completed! This has been a LIFE CHANGING event for me. I lost 11.5 inches, 5.5 lbs, and decreased my insulin intake even more! My glucose levels are stable and in PERFECT range!! At this point, I won’t have to go on the insulin pump by staying on this path.

Losing weight is great and all, but the fact that I am extending my life expectancy and able to have more years with my family is worth more than anything I could ever imagine. I feel the healthiest I ever have since I was diagnosed 9 years ago with Type 1 juvenile diabetes. I have more energy, mental clearity, and a more positive outlook on life.

The 21 Day Fix and Shakeology have been the best tools to find an all natural way to better my health. It was hard work and Im glad I stuck with it. I really want to thank my amazing, supportive husband Michael Metzer and my coach Maria Romaine and everyone else who has supported me on my journey. Excited to start another round next week!”

How cool is this!? Yes we all want to rock our bikinis…but who doesnt want to increase their quality of life and beat their health issues with health, fitness, and happiness?

If YOU do, LETTUCE HELP and email me back today to get details on our#SUNSOUTGUNSOUT challenge group starting June 1st.



- Maria