Have you ever SUCKED at life!? And maybe no one wanted you!?

SO... this was just as vulnerable of a feeling listening back as it was recording it months ago...but when my dear friend Danielle Dellen reached out to me about her brilliantly named podcast "Dont Cut Your Own Bangs", I knew I couldnt say no. 

It was at the perfect time....when I first went FULL TIME with my biz,. I had no idea what was ahead, what decisions would be made, what situations my body and mind would encounter, but I knew I wanted to share my knowledge. And now that its been almost 6 months since that interview, and I just now got to listen.... much of my advice is absolutely the same- and I'll tell you what, it feels so good to hear this from my previous self!

In this podcast we GET REAL about the “Before & After” sharing the BEAUTY IN THE JOURNEY, the art of NOT GIVING UP, allowing yourself GRACE, working in SEASONS, tapping into your inner 5 year old and also “William Wallace” bad ass champ, and HOW BAD REJECTION SUCKS but how thankful I am for the opportunity to turn my challenges into change and the stories that helped me realize this.

 Allll of her episodes are worth listening to, but I’m pretty darn excited to share this one. Check out my interview and find out what crazy things have made me who I am, what really goes on in my head, and what tools you can use to turn your failures into freedom too!

Here is the link! http://dontcutyourownbangs.libsyn.com/maria-romaine

xoxo, Maria


I stopped "eating whatever I wanted" and lost 11 lbs!

Officially down 11 pounds since the beginning of September!!!! And for a girl who has carried a decent amount of weight her whole life and also lost over 30 lbs ten years ago, this is a big win!

How does this happen you ask? It involved getting sick of my excuses, accepting where I was at and what had gotten me there (working out toooo much, immersing myself in the launch of my business full time and celebration of not having to go back to a desk job, but also eating and drinking like I was a human trash disposal) and creating a plan I knew I could stick to... with an accountability coach I would have to report to and just knowing where I DESERVED to be.

I have not been perfect. I basically pulled a chair up to the dessert table at thanksgiving. BUT 90% of the time I track what I eat, move in a way that serves me (changing it up and RESTING), get my superfoods and other supplements in daily , always have salads (they fill me up) and indulge only when it’s truly worth it. Sugar and processed carbs are chosen wisely, as are my proteins carbs and fats and we eat way more at home. But when on the go it’s alll put in myfitness pal!

 As you know, I’ve always shared my journey with you of highs and lows and wins and losses, struggles and triumphs and this is another feather in the cap of feeling most myself by taking care of myself. I’d love to help you do the same for you!! Message me to wrk together now OR reserve your spot to prep for 2019!!!

xoxo, Maria


YOUR definition of success...

As Ive now had over 10 years of friends, family, and those I work with coming to me about their goals... and now almost 2 months of completely immersing myself into these conversations, its evident...everyone's goals are different. 

Oh oh oh...and they change! Years later or maybe even 3 weeks into a program. Why is that?

I'll tell you why... maybe its that we THOUGHT we wanted to feel good in a swimsuit... but REALLY it was about holding our head high not only in the boardroom, in front of our kids, as wives and husbands, in roles weve created boundaries and armor and coping skills.... but what about in the flesh...where we're our most vulnerable, not hiding from anyone or anything!? Maybes its reallllly about feeling good in the RAW...like when were stripped down to our actual foundation, with no other protective skills to keep people at arms distance, where we cant keep even ourselves from ourselves... we're actually proud of who we are.

WOOF...right? How do we dig this deep? And why even dig this deep? Well I'll answer the second question first...if you want to actually achieve your goals, this is necessary. If you want to set the right goals and not get frustrated on the wrong ones, this is crucial. If you want to know how to even go about it and with what urgency and with what support, digging deep is step #1. If you want to feel successful down to your bones, I urge you to sit back, reflect, and write it down.

Heres how it applies to me: 
Girls and guys, I once didnt think 17% body fat was lean enough. I thought running on my (once operated on 3 years in a row) knees was a good idea because well it kept me skinny. I once thought alcohol was the devil and the only calories Id waste would be for sugar. I also used to believe that you had to hate what you did to make good money. Torture= happiness? Maybe in my 20s.

Here we are over a decade later of not only helping others but most importantly, digging deep myself. You know I love a good challenge and experimenting and sharing my journey, but SO much has changed...because Ive learned from the above instances AND I dig deep...often.

I now am totally tool with being way above 20% body fat, because I can teach awesome classes like a boss and would rather feel STRONG than lean and starving. Ive realized that the right type of drink with the right type of people does me alllll sorts of good. And I now dumped my desk job, cut off the corporate handcuffs, am making 1/3 of what I did before.... but am infinitely more DELIBERATE, HAPPY, and ON FIRE than I was even one year ago. And trust this...I still have big goals, with fat loss, with ability, with my income, with becoming a leader...but I refuse to be miserable as I ride the magic journey carpet ride. 

Heres how you can apply it: 
Write out your goals. Reflect why these are important to you. Instead of making them a #, write down a feeling (I learned this from the fabulous Danielle Dellen). Envision 4 year old you, scared for the world in her future...does what your goals aim to accomplish empower this 4 year old? Imagine 20 years from now...would you be proud you put effort towards this goal and these feelings? If you reach this goal...what would it mean for you? If you DONT reach this goal...what would that mean in your life and how would it affect things? 

DIG DEEP friends....and youll not only reach your goals, but youll find out what SUCCESS means to YOU.



New Classes/New Location/New Studio!

After three years of sneaking away to take classes at the Carmel Cycle Bar for my own personal enjoyment, I wanted to share that I now have the privilege of teaching here!

I had conversations for several years with the owner on a potential partnership, but I just wasn't ready to leave my downtown family or exhaust my already crazy schedule with more. But nowwww..... I knew it was time to expand my capabilities, and my audience, and I knew I wanted it to be here. 

Heres what I love: the technology and science behind the bikes and what they can measure to help us improve, the way the instructors are trained to PUSH and EMPOWER and truly be their best so you can be your best, and the overall journey these rides take you on (oh and there are weighted bars we can use for our arms)!!!

I cannot thank them enough for taking a cycling teacher of ten years and helping her dig deep, get uncomfortable, and learn to be BETTER! Im super sore, and definitely tired, but energized in a whole new way as a teacher/trainer/coach and so ready to share that with ya'll!

SO youd like to come and check out my new classes, they will be 9:15am Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. OH and next week is FREE so its a perfect time to check it out!!! 

Go here to reserve your saddle and get ready for a new type of ride, with yours truly:  https://carmel.cyclebar.com/schedule/ 


Holy shi*! I did it...

YA’LL.. this has been TEN YEARS in the making... on Friday,  I officially “hung up the (corporate) headset”, dumped my desk job, and declared 7-13-18 my INDEPENDENCE DAYHoly shi* ...I did it.

For years countless friends and family asked me if I’d ever do my “fitness and health thing” full time... with uncertainty ...and fear ...and considerate deliberation if that would make me happy, or be accepted by society, or support our little family we have and plan on growing ... I couldn’t say for certain what I wanted to be when I “grew up”.

Yes my major is in health and exercise science. Yes health and fitness has always been one of my highest priorities and yes my biggest joy is seeing others come alive when they finally believe in themselves. Yes... Teaching group fitness is when I feel most myself and Yes I think everyone should have an income that represents their hard work that also creates a life they’re proud of living. And yes I absolutely believe people should do the things they’ve always wanted to. So while I never knew when I’d take the jump, I found myself yearning and aching to put my skills I’ve accumulated over the years to the test. Im ready to train and lean on the team that’s helped impact 100’s of lives so far. I’m excited to create more and more positive relationships and friendships... and I’m excited to grow a team of productive positive people that want to help others and be financially rewarded tied to their personal growth.

I cannot be thankful enough for the experiences and the people and the lessons I’ve learned in sales, management, marketing, hard work, and hustle in the places I’ve built my career up this point. It’s helped cultivate the zest and desire I have to be as successful as I possibly can in what I love the most.

So alas, I can finally say I AM “Like the Lettuce” FULL TIME. I cannot wait to see where my team, my challengers/clients, and myself land now that I am free to be fully me moving forward.

The work officially begins NOW and I couldn’t be more terrified, grateful, excited or READY for this next chapter. Lettuce get after it together. Now... who wants to work together !?!



Old vs NEW Mindset

Old mindset: I “wish” I was skinnier. I wish I didn’t love food so much. I wish I didn’t get injured all the time. I wish I was born with a better metabolism. I’ll be perfect tomorrow and deprive for the rest of my life, so I better indulge now. No one will ever love me. I am fat. I am ugly. I don’t deserve to fight for myself. I’ll finally get the respect I deserve when I’m skinny. People will care about me when I lose weight. Processed food comforts me and I can work out some other time.

NEW/NOW mindset (and it took work friends, and still does): I am capable beyond measure. Do not be afraid of your greatness. I LOVE food and that is awesome. My strength is an absolute strength. I am my own boss and my lifestyle is ultimately my choice. I love what I look like and the way I was born. Every time I smile I see my mother. Every time I BRING IT intensely in class I feel like my father. I have fat, I am not fat. I am beautiful. No one’s opinions define me, it’s how I think of myself that affects where I’m at in life. But Im pretty sure I’m super lovable, regardless of how lean I am. I love water. I love veggies. I love to treat my body right. That involves ice cream. That involves big ass sexy salads. That involves indulging in hookah and alcohol and not feeling like a bad person. That involves fueling like an athlete and playing like a kid often.

 I look different. I feel different. Because I think and act different. I highly recommend working on what will make you most you. Need to chat?! Lettuce. 


The Results Are In!

As I return from an incredible trip in Mexico, celebrating hard work in business (we earned the all inclusive trip thanks to helping others in their health/fitness goals), Dwight and I's two year wedding anniversary, and my 32nd birthday ... I clearly believe in taking time to reflect and enjoy the harvest ...and I think you should too!

Its no coincidence that right before this trip, we finished our latest 80 Day Obsession...and while it may be, in its simplest forms, a workout program and a meal plan... its so much more as it affects who I am and who I become in all aspects of my life. I was able to kick back and celebrate the above things because of  the working out, eating right, and getting my mind and spirit tight. SO...full circle,I wanted to share my "80 Day Obsession" results, thoughts, and takeaways! 

  •  The reality is I probably ate the way I "should have" 60/80 days. I worked out 75/80 workouts (as my last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind with a new job)
  • BUT... I gained some serious strength in my gluteus, core, and body parts I normally struggle with.
  • I realized I don't need a sweet treat after every meal and fueling properly with the right proteins, veggies, fruits, carbs and fats make you feel like a goddess.
  • It was clear making time for me is of utmost importance. And that no matter what chaos you have going on in your life, doing something FOR you that works for you is key!
  • I'm certain that if you have 3 months before a wedding, trip, or just want to set a personal goal...as a coach, this will be my go to reference.

I'm SO excited to share my challengers results and continue to help our round two group! As for me?! I'll be enjoying many tricks and treats and rest... you know in moderation... before I jump into my next personal challenge! If youd like to join me in working hard and achieving such great results you'll be able to celebrate your own personal transformation victory, please message me to chat!