Are you the company you keep? Pals to help push you.

Hi Lettuce Heads! 

You know that old saying that you’re an average of the 5 people you spend the most time with? I had always heard that but have recently begun to think more seriously about the people I am indeed around most. I was pretty happy when I realized who and when and how. It made me a little sad, however, that Im not around all the people I was close with in years’ past. Maybe many of you have gone through these exact sentiments, but I think we all  understand its a part of life. People’s paths take them different places, and upon further reflection I’ve realized that this is even more so the case now… due to the specific goals I’ve set for myself.

A good example is that when Im training for something, I know its beneficial to do my workouts with positive, motivating company. Its also clear that consulting with the right people, who can give solid advice and encouragement based on their extensive experience, is key. Its natural that these people become closer and closer friends the more you hang out with them, talk with them, and experience physical trials with them- it is an incredibly bonding experience.

Its probably no surprise that some of my closest friends now a days are those who similarly value health and fitness, and if not exactly physical health and fitness, they absolutely have a positive attitude, passionate about living their lives and making the most of their gifts-  and for that Im grateful. Fortunately, the more honest and open Ive been with how much I value health, fitness, and self development, people not only naturally come to me for help, but they also get in touch with me when they want to do something adventurous, fun, and physical- just for kicks. Im so tickled when people ask me if I want to do this or that with them- because, unless I have prior commitments, Im so down to clown and LOVE trying new things! ::wink wink, hint hint::

Im sharing this with you because it’s really opened up a playground of a world for me, and if thats something you’d like for yourself… I encourage you to be open with what you truly love and value- and you WILL attract like minded people. I encourage you to reach out to people who inspire you, consequently pushing you in your career, faith, relationships, attitude, and love for yourself. I encourage you to join groups for accountability, insight, and motivation. Power in numbers rarely fails. I encourage you to remain firm and confident in what you believe in. Rather than going along with what everyone else may find acceptable, listen to your inner most thoughts and explore the “what if”s and the “wouldnt this be cool?”s.

Here are some pics of the cool things I threw myself into this weekend and the people who were awesome enough to do it with me, if not propose it to me in the first place ;)

Triathlon with Katelyn- all around awesome friend, fellow triathlete, instructor, coach, and life enthusiast

Dwights sister, a prime example of positivity- coming to support

Drinks at finish line! Amidst great company, wonderful sportsmanship.

Betsy! My hang-ten, stand up paddle boarding partner, thirsty for adventure partner in crime

Out in the water!

We stayed dry!

My body was pretty fatigued after 2 hours of balance and paddling on the water- almost fell a few times, but actually stayed dry, wahoo!

After some sun, sweat and SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)

…now get outside your comfort zone and introduce yourself to someone and/or something that you think is down right rad. I PROMISE you’ll thank yourself.

Maria “Like the Lettuce” Romaine xoxoxo